This is an online poetry project aimed at highlighting both the niche connections one can make online, and the alienation that can come from too much information. 

Google Image Search version

open Google Search version

Due to the abundance of information available online, one can readily find many aspects of one's own experience of the world mirrored back through highly specific communities, products, and different artistic and cultural expressions. It is due to this phenomenon that I am able to find a picture of a couch very similar to the one I am picturing as I write the poem, can show you the house I used to live in, the brand of cigarettes I smoked back then, and an approximation of the way my messy kitchen looked. The first version of the poem, "Google Image Search Version," functions with this idea. 

The seemingly unrestricted access to highly specific information, though, has its limitations. As evinced by the second version of the poem, "Open Google Search Version," this specificity can only be gotten in snatches and fragments. Seek too much specificity--information relating to the whole experience, compounded--and you will find the cracks of the illusion, an illustration of the sometime alienation that comes with too much information. The need for the hand of the artist, a maven of the real experience, is also elemental in the spectacular failure of the second version. 

Documentation screenshots:

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